Which Vibrator is best for you? Vibrators can be used by Women and Men 


Learning which vibrator is right for you isn’t difficult to do! The first step to take when looking for a vibrator is to figure out what you want to stimulate, and how. 


The most sensitive spots for vibration are on the surface of your body–especially the clitoris and penis. Lots of people use vibrators and never include penetration at all. Vibrators are a great way to facilitate orgasm, alone or with a partner. Many external vibrators have a motor at the tip, or are designed to hold against the clitoris, the penis, or wherever else you like the feeling and sensation they provide. However, they may not work as well inside plus in some cases they are not designed to be used inside at all. 



There are fewer nerve endings as you get further inside the vagina and anus. Internal vibrators are a good option for exploring vaginal or anal sensitivity, as these areas tend to respond more to pressure and motion, and the motor of many internal vibrator's rests right up against the more sensitive areas. Some vibrators are not suited for anal insertion, but we’ll explain more below! Enjoying internal stimulation or seeking G-spot pleasure are common reasons to choose an internal vibrator, which can offer great pleasure alone or with added external stimulation. 

Internal vibrators are a good option for those who have been sexually inactive for a while and would like to get their bodies re-acquainted to vaginal penetration. Some find that choosing a vibrating toy for this purpose helps with blood flow and comfort--and, of course it's important to choose a lubricant you enjoy and that is compatible with the toy's material. 


Dual stimulation 

If you want more than just clitoral stimulation or internal stimulation by themselves, there are plenty of vibrators that provide simultaneous clitoral AND vaginal pleasure. Rabbit vibrators are some of the most popular, and with good reason–these multi-tasking toys deliver pleasure like no other. Many have dual motors that allow toys independent customization of intensity and/or patterns; they can reach the G-spot while the external stimulator offers amazing clitoral sensations. 


Anal & prostate stimulators 

Vibration can feel wonderful on almost any part of your body and the bum is no exception. The area around your anus is extremely sensitive due to all those nerve endings, and vibrations can act as a great intensifier alongside butt plugs, dildos, oral sex, masturbation or on their own. When using anal toys of any kind, they must have a base, rim, lip, or secure cord for retrieval. Always use lubricant with these toys as the anus does not produce its own lubrication. 

Some toys used for anal insertion are specifically designed with prostate stimulation in mind. That means the toys are shaped (sometimes with a curve) to apply pressure to the prostate. G-spot and prostate stimulators work pretty much the same way and are good for finding both sweet spots, remember that a prostate search requires a toy that has a base. 


Strong or soft vibration 

When shopping for a vibrator, it's often helpful if you know how sensitive you are (or your partner is). If you have used a vibrator before, what felt good to you then may be too much, or not enough now.  If you're looking for your first toy, consider whether you like strong or mild sensations. Or perhaps you like different things at different times. While vibrators create a sensation that's different from anything else, its handy to know if you and/or your partner prefer a soft touch or a firm touch, this will help you in choosing which is best for you. Many vibrators are multi-speed, with low-to-high speeds so you can explore the different intensities.  

You can also consider a small vibrator this stimulates fewer nerve endings at once—which may seem like quite an intense sensation to some-while a larger vibrator like a wand spreads out the sensation. Everyone's different regarding the kind of sexual sensation they like, so we suggest that you experiment with more than one type of vibrator as you may have more of a preference for one over the other depending on if you like clitoral stimulation or stimulating all your sensitive areas. 

Best type of material  

Harder plastic and metal tend to transmit more vibrations, but some people find these materials too firm. Softer materials can create milder sensations, which may work better for people who find that less is more--though some softer vibrators can also be pretty powerful. Firmer, less flexible toys may be better if you want to explore the G-spot or prostate. Silicone is easy to clean and body-friendly and most people prefer it. 

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